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Saturday, July 24, 2010

Apple Tart

Was bored at work and had one table of four. So I was joking with them. When they were done with there dinner. I asked them if they wanted dessert and they told me no. I kept pressing of the subject in a joking manor. The two couples came clean and said they were going home and making homemade apple tart. I said thanks for the invite. The little old man asked when do I get off work? I told him most likely ten o clock. He told me that is way to late and they will be in bed. I laugh and brought them there check. He tipped 20% and left. No joke and hour and a half later this little old man came back in and handed me apple tart. Can you believe that my table made and brought me dessert. Got to love those who still have hearts. Crazy... Thank you!