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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

How to Spit out your GUM!

I LOVE Love Love GUM. I chew at least three pieces a day. I try every kind of gum they make. I also throw gum away when I am done with it. So my work decided this past Saturday night that we were going to de-gum a table. That means getting down on the floor and checking under each table to see if there is gum under it. I thought that would be an easy task seeing as I never put gum under the table. BOY WAS I WRONG.

It took me over an hour to get gum off the table. I
used a knife and spoon to scrape it off. The experience smelt like cinnamon and mint. You think that would be okay to smell until you realize it was in someones mouth before under the table. Trying to cut old gum with a knife is alot harder than it looks. and some people really put thought into it. I $we@r that some people put a lot of thought into it. They gum is spread apart and placed under the table. Then you got some people who place it on top of another piece. Why Why Why. If you have put gum under the table did you ever wonder what happens to it. It is not like marking your territory its just plain disgusting. I was so grossed out I was just flinging it everywhere. My hand hurt from poking at it and, trying to scrape it off. One of my server friends found a big bugger under her table. I accidentally laid on a piece i scrapped off.

If you would like to go eat at a clean restaurant
then, help keep it clean. Otherwise you could be sitting at a table that looks like this.
Now when you go out to eat think about that. There are many of other ways to dispose of your gum at a restaurant. You could toss it in the trash on the way in. You could tear off a piece of your napkin or ask for extra napkins. You could even put it on top of a sugar packet or a coaster.You could excuse your self and go to the bathroom and wash your hand while you were at it. Heck put it on the side of your plate or your cup. Or the other alternative is to swallow it. I just wanted you to think about what under a table really looks like. Nobody wants to rub there leg up against that. I am trying to help you help your self. ;)

I love gum as much as the next person. I just don't like to spend an extra hour out of my day scrapping your gum. If you have any funny gum stories I would love to hear them.

Always your gum scrapping server,

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  1. Gum scraping..... I remember those days. I always imagined a piece falling in my mouth and my choking on it because I usually was laying on my back in a booth doing the gross scraping.

    And cleaning disgusting high chairs, I can't believe people put their kids in high chairs with no covers. I remember my hands would literally be black from cleaning them.