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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Dear Cooks, Stop Messing up my $Cheese$

When you get a bad tip you have to consider why. Could it be from sucking? Could it be from people who just don't no how to tip. Could it be some problem that deals with the cook.

My cooks went on STRIKE this past weekend. Well that is the way they acted. Sales go down in the summer so they had to cut back on all of our shifts. The cooks decide they need to come to work with an attitude. Dude, It is not my fault. Don't come to work with the sour mouth.

Lets define a cooks job. Webster defines a cook as:
1 : a person who prepares food for eating
2 : a technical or industrial process comparable to cooking food; also : a substance so processed.
Thank you Webster!

I believe there job is tough I am not suggesting otherwise. If you do good I will praise you. Success is what brings back business.

So back to crazy strike this past weekend. Every tables food is going past 15mins. You may think that is acceptable but it is not. When people wait at the door to get a table they expect that when they sit down everything will be okay from then on out.

One of my tables I noticed half there food was bumped. (Bumped meaning ready) So I looked at what need to be finished. A Cheese burger cooked Med is all I needed. I asked the cook, "How much longer on that cheeseburger"? She told me I am cleaning. What does that mean to me. I need that burger and where no where near closing time. I asked another cook if they have my burger working? No answer. I mumbled under my breath that I need to get a manager involved. They all told me to have the manager to cook it. REALLY. Are you looking to get in trouble. I totally knocked on the managers door and told her I have a eighteen minute cheeseburger and the cooks decide you are the one that is going to cook it. Once my manager cooked the burger I ran it out. It took 27 minutes for this table to get there food. Make me look like a bad server. That maybe I forgot to ring in there food. To make matters worse I had to send there food out with out french fries. That took another five minutes to cook. We took the cheese burger off there bill. I still only got a two dollar tip. If that table would have gotten there food all together and in a timely matter I could have made more money.

I should not have to ask a cook to cook my food. What is the point of being a cook if you can't do your main job. What are you trying to prove making the manager cook it. Do you call the job security?

They next night I have food running on twenty minutes. When the food was put out I asked them if they had french fries working. They said, :Nobody asked for them". Whats the point in ringing in orders if I need to ask for everything to be cooked. Please place meat on the grill. Please make me more fries. Don't have time to do that.

When my food takes a long time to get out to the table, my wallet suffers. Customers think I did not ring there food in on time. Customers think I cook there food. I am given the punishment for the cooks stupidity. Just do your job, and I will do mine. If you need help ask for it. Don't be so proud it just lets everybody down.

Sorry it has been awhile since I have wrote. I was just waiting for my food to be cooked so I could get back out here to serve you.

Your Server

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