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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

If your a parent. BE A PARENT!

When I was a little squirt going out to eat was a privileged. Most likely some celebration of something. Hell it is the same way to this day for me. I never understood why kids thought a restaurant was another playground. Why do parents even bother taking there kids out to eat. Very expensive and the child barely eats anyways. I just have so many thoughts when it comes to kids eating out. Please tell me if I am wrong in anyway. I am just your server. Here to take orders. ;)

We should start from the second you walk into a restaurant. While you wait for a table you should be watching your child. Why do parents find it adorable to let the little one run around. Do you realize your precious is two feet tall. Me coming around the corner with a heavy tray I don't tend to look down and, it can be difficult for me to stop fast. Almost dropped a tray on a cute little two year old girl. She ran right in front of me without looking. Not her fault I believe her mother or father should have had her hand and, not put her in that situation. Luckily I was able to stop. Did I get an apology from the guardian? Nope I got a laugh instead. How cute! Not in a busy work place. Try the park for running. When I was young and waiting for our table my little brother and I had to five up our seats to the adults. We held the door open for everyone. Respect is what we were taught.

Whenever a little toddler is put into a highchair I freak a little. Would hate for a kid to get hurt. Putting the highchair at the end of the booth is a little dangerous. Think about it. Most things the go on the table have to go over there head before it reaches you. I always seem to notice if there is a highchair there is usually someone sitting right next to them who is going to order fajita's. Of course they taste bomb but, don't you worry about the sizzling hot skillet crossing over your child's head. Our you worried your little one will be tempted to touch the skillet. Worry a little that is all I ask.

Love when a parent ask me for a child sized cup. I honestly can say, I have never been anywhere were the don't have kid's cups. Please, if you know a place that doesn't please post it. When your kid is under the age of ten be aware that I will give them a kid's cup. Also if your child is in a highchair watch there hands they are very tempted to reach into my apron. Thought it was funny the first seven hundred times. ;)

Swear kids are afraid of me. Must be a scary monster. When I was a young my parents made me order my own food. Will make your kids a promise right here, right now. I Christine promise never to bite a little kid. There you have it folks my word.

What should your kid be drinking? I served a family this weekend and they order a diet cook for there two year old. Really! You are going to start the addiction at two. Good jobs guys. Why do parents let there kids have lemonade? There is not one percent of juice in our lemonade. Maybe your passing on the caffeine but, I promise your not passing on the sugar. Why does parent careless how many refills there child is drinking. Hello! Sugar intake. Filling up on sugar and not there dinner. I have once given a kid eight refills. Kinda hoped the kid wet the bed to teach there parents a lesson. I am a horrible person! One who will limit there kid from drinking horrible sugary drinks.

I served an over sized family last night and, that just makes me sad. Not saying that I am a guru for the skinny's. I just wished kids were given healthy options. Have you ever looked at the kids menu, ninety percent of it is fried food. Most parent when I ask them to choose there child's side the just shout out fries. Little kids love fruits. Why not order them apples or oranges? Well with that over sized family they let there little "Big" girls eat fried chicken fingers with ranch and french fries. When the girls finished they both polished off there own chocolaty adult sized dessert. Just makes me sad. Have healthy desserts or the whole family share one. Take in consideration your kid's health. You could be hurting them by giving into them.

Entertainment for your child is a must. Give them a toy or a
coloring book or a game on your new iphone. Pretty pretty please don't give them the sugar caddie. I don't find it cute when little sticky fingers throw the sugars on the ground. The caddie never looks the way it did when the came in. Same with all the other things on the table. A parent handed me a bottle of full ketchup and told me they needed a new one. There child was licking it. GROSS. You think they would have stopped that one. Nope. You think they would not be grossed out by there own child and use the ketchup. They waited till I brought them a new one. What a waste of company money. Good one. Is it to hard to bring your child a toy. If you really are struggling take your child to a fast food joint and let them play in the balls. Or pay your little next door neighbor $20 to babysit.

All problems have solutions. Sorry if I offended you repeat offenders. Do your job and watch your kids. I love kids. I love them more when they are tamed in a public place. Don't let your kid control you. You make the rules. Enforce them. You make the rules. Let them be healthy by eating healthy. Let them learn from you.

You been served!

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  1. Here's an example of a good parent and a bad parent. First the bad one. A mother gave her child the salt and pepper shakers so that they could open it up and dump it into a huge pile on the table.
    Now a good parent. I overheard a mom taking her child to the bathroom. The little girl started to freak out because she decided she didn't need to go to the restroom after all. After screaming the mother said in a very stern tone that she is not to behave that way, if she continues to act that way she will be sitting in the car. Once the little girl understood and calmed down more the mother told her to say "I'm sorry mom", which the little girl did and they went back outside to eat. And that is how it is done.