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Saturday, January 9, 2010

Dine and Dash

We have all thought about dinning and dashing but who really has the balls to actually do it. I have it happen to me twice. I would love to hear another servers story on the subject if it has happened to them also. I hate feeling like I am the failure if this happens. I should not feel that way. Chances are when they walk in they already have it in there head to commit the crime. That is actually what it is by the way. A CRIME. YOU ARE STEALING!!!

Story one-
Two young girls come into my lunch shift and sit at a four table booth. They are about 17. One girl is big boned and wearing a shirt tight so you focus on her chest area and for that we will call her Brenda. The second girl is lanky and wearing really cool red eyeglass wear and her new name is Lisa. So Brenda and Lisa order two sodas from me and ask for a few minutes to look at the menu. Cool cool I grab there sodas and give them a few. When I return Brenda orders Chicken Tenders and, Lisa orders Chicken Alfredo. Waiting for the food to come out I refill there beverages a couple of times. They made the comment how focused I was to not let them go dry. I thought it was a bit strange but, took the compliment any ways. There food comes out they take a couple of bites. I see they need another refill and I told them I would be right back. I turned the corner when my server friend Samantha ask me if my table has paid. I looked at her funny and she said they left in a hurry.

Now wait you think the story is over. No I do something I should never do. I broke the server cardinal rule. DO NOT CHASE AFTER ANYONE. So I ran out the door furious. I caught one of the girls backing her car up while the other one is about to hop in. I asked Brenda "Hey was your food okay?" Okay weird question I know but it got the point across. Brenda followed up as, "Oh wonderful we were just moving the car and grabbing some cash. Good I replied because, I know you two are not about to leave this wonderful meal and service. Brenda followed me back into the resturant. She sat at her table with a wad of cash by her. She asked for boxes. I responded and said I will be right back. I told Samantha she was right on the money and to watch her. I grabbed two boxes and she know needed the bill meanwhile, Lisa is parked right out front. When I went to print off the check Samantha told me Brenda ran out with her boxed food. By this point my manager ripped the check out of my hand a ran out to the car to give the girls there bill. Can you freaking believe they had it in them to leave twice. They girls handed my manager $30 and asked for change. DO WE LOOK LIKE A DRIVE THOUGH. ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING ME. YOU TRY TO RUN OUT ON YOUR BILL TWICE AND WANT CHANGE. GET OUT OF TOWN. NO CHANGE FOR YOU TWO. So they dinned and dashed and we still made them pay. Ha ha jokes on you.

Story two-
This older man about 65years old well call him Mark. When Mark sat down by himself he had two extra menus. He told me his wife and daughter were joining him shortly after. He ordered his diet beverage with no lime and started watching the basketball game on the television. After about twenty minutes he asked if I minded him ordering before they arrive. Do I mind serving you food. Please it is only my job DUH. So I put his avocado burger add mushroom no bun in and went on serving all my other tables. He polishes off his burger in fries like he has not eaten all week. Should have known this is probably the case now :). I take away his plate and bring him a refill. He watches the rest of the game and I chat with him in intervals when I am not needed running food and payments. He is a nice old man. Then his phone rings while I am there and he raises his finger to motion me over to him. He tells me they are around the corner and if I could bring them a water and diet over now. I am overjoyed. This guy has been camping forever and I would love to make some more money. I snag the drinks and run back to the table. HE IS GONE. HE MADE ME GET DRINKS FOR NO ONE. HE WATCHED A GAME AND ATE FOR FREE. Man I thought he would come back like he forgot or that he was in the bathroom. I even told the busser to leave his table alone. It sat vacant for a half hour. DANG. I was so enraged. I was fooled by an old man. I will remember this guy if he ever decides to sit in my section again. My words will come out like this. Hey I remember you, you ate that
avocado burger add mushroom no bun and waited for your family and watched that basketball game. YOU OWE ME $9.29 thanks.

_I just can't get over what goes through there heads right before the get up and run out. It really upsets me. Like I said before I feel like I failed. Can't believe that old man ran out on me. That flight or fight mode would give me a heart attack. Just saying. So does anyone have a dine and dash story?

-Ur Server


  1. Christine loving the stories. It has been along time since I served but there are definitely some interesting stories to be had.

  2. So one time I served this table of Mexicans of course. Well, I was taking over the table for another server. They had steaks and burgers. Well the 2 chicks told me that their steaks were gross and started pulling out stuff that was supposedly in their steaks like wood. I apologized profusely and got a new one made along with having the manager do a table visit. We took half the food off the bill and even offered free dessert. I dropped the check and went to get drinks for another table. When I had returned to collect their payment they were gone. I also went out to chase them down. However they both drove away in their cars. I told my manager and got yelled at for chasing after them by both my MOD and GM. I just didn't want them to go out without a fight.