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Thursday, January 7, 2010

The Etiquette of Men Dinning at Lunch

I find it hilarious to watch men dine together. Why do they make it so hard on themselves. Maybe with this post I could receive feedback on the truths. Maybe I am just seeing this in a different light.

I serve a lot of lunch shifts during the week. This usually brings in three crowds. One being older couples, then you have the girlfriends catching up and, third you have business meetings. I am not trying to categorize business meetings as just men eating out. If there is a business meeting and a women attends all these rules and behaviors roll out the window. When women eat out different rules apply and we can address those issues another day.

The Manly Code to Eating Out
1. First rule is to never talk about the rules
2. Never order a girly drink. If you do change the name of it so it does not sound girly. example- Today I had two guys ask me for grenadine and diet. So you want a cherry diet coke? They just smiled and said grenadine and diet. Sounds Manley.
3. Have your cell phone and pen on the table at all times. Makes you look important.
4. Never share anything. It looks horrible to share a dessert. Could you even imagine two guys 1 brownie and two spoons. This is not a date. Order 2 brownies and waste half of them.
5. Never show up or leave at the same time. Stand up by your table shake hands. Then one of you go to the bathroom while the other one leaves. Gives you a little space between exiting.

Even if its not a business meeting and guys are just eating out, they have a lot of weird corks. They require a lot of space between each other. I just wish guys understood that is seems funny to split things on different plates so they don't have to share. It is not a big deal. I will not question your sexuality by the way you eat.

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