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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Perfect Change

The only thing in life that does not change is Change itself ;)

-I love when people have a bill that is $7.45 and they hand me a $20 and ask for change. I know I am an amazing server and deserve a good tip but, you think I would not bring your $12.55 back to you.

-I love when you have a large table and they are all separate checks and all hand you $20 and ask for change. That would be okay until they tell you that they are in a hurry to get back to work. You really think I am a bank. If you are in a hurry hand me your debit card.

-Rule of thumb. If you hand a server a hundred dollar bill do understand we have to break it. That means asking five other people if they can help break your bill. Then realizing they also did not bring a bank and, now that leaves us to find the manager and having them open the safe. Sorry peeps but it will take at least 3 minutes if your lucky.

- I had these two ladies the other night. They were a hoot for being a little older. They two older ladies had separate checks. Completely fine. I am bored and they are sweet. One of the ladies ask me to bring her ones back when I break her check. I told her I would try my hardest. Once I got to a computer I realized her change back she need was $4.25. So honestly I am laughing a little. What did she expect me to bring back to her 17 quarters? I asked her that. I know I am mean but, I was not serious so we all laughed. Just little funny.

- Hey will you break this twenty for me please. ;) Right on it

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