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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Gift Cards!

  Gift cards are a wonderful gift! If someone was to give you money in the economic time you would most likely pay a bill with it. I believe my fiance and I received seven gift cards this holiday.

  How do I put this. You can use your twenty-five dollar gift card at a restaurant. Very cool. When you total bill is $22.31 and, you pay with your gift card. Your balance left of the gift card is $2.69. Don't just give me the gift card as my tip. You and I both know that is 11%. I did not give you that bad of service. What is it hurting you to throw out another two dollars or a $1.31. Almost all my tables at work have gift cards. More than not I am getting shorted.

  The other way gift cards burn me is when you have a large check. Lets say your check is $140. You took the family out to eat. Then you put down to $25 gift cards and a credit card. After I take off the $50 dollars in gifts your balance on your credit card is $90. Please don't tip on the $90 dollars because, then I am only making $18 instead of $28 off your original bill. I believe I took that extra time to make sure everything was perfect.
  Just make sure you are tipping on your original bill. My co-workers and I deserve that much.

Now come spend your gift cards.
Your Server

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