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Sunday, December 19, 2010


  It is my turn in the rotation. I just see a family of four sit down. Not going to lie they looked easy. Man did I judge a book by the cover. Went over and greeted them and got there drink order. I want to say the parents were mid thirty's and the children 7 and 10. The parents told me they wanted to kids to choose new things on the menu. I thought that seemed like a cool idea. Both kids decided to get things off the adult menu. Daughter and the dad shared a salad and a chicken sandwich. I told them I would ask the cooks to split it up on to two different plates. The father asked for one type of dressing for the daughter and a different kind for himself. The mother son combo shared a hamburger completely modified. Once again I find it a little fun to manage to get seven modifiers on one item. I really don't care if you modify something. If that is the way you want to eat it just tell me. When there food arrives everything looks fine. They ran me a bit with extra napkins, then refills. When I went to check on the family a few bites into there meal the father starts yelling at me. "I would like to say a few things to you." yes sir, I replied. "First of all there is meat in my ranch! Really wondering how meat could even fall into a dressing. Second I did not want this kind of ranch! I asked you for jalapeno ranch and you brought me ranch with MEAT in it." Very sorry sir. I have no idea how meat could have gotten into your ranch. I will fix it right away and let my manager know about this. I run back to the dish room to dissect the ranch. Try and figure out this mystery meat that has my table so worried. I took a fork and pulled it out. -----Okay take a guess-----I know it could be something real crazy----- Nope wait it was just a fry. Woooo I can stop sweating now. Hey also when I was pouring out that ramekin of ranch I noticed big pieces of jalapenos falling out. Hmmm did I actually ring in the right ranch? So after that five minute ordeal that just has me smiling now knowing I am right. I walk back over to the table hand the man his jalapeno ranch. I nicely tell him,"Just so you can stop worrying that was not meat in your ranch. It was just a french fry. I would say it feel in when the food was in route to your table. Also that was jalapeno ranch. Look for the jalapenos at the bottom of the ramekin they like to settle there because of there weight. I played it cool. I believe he realized that was funny also. They finished there meal with joy. All has been restored in restaurant land.

I will grab you another ranch. ;)
Your server

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