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Thursday, December 30, 2010

OMG! There is Hope!

  You have to worry when teenagers are your customers. You wonder if the have a job or just an allowance. I give teenagers the benefit of the doubt and give them great service. Just cross my fingers it does not bit me in the butt.
   So yesterday I got a table with three young teenagers. One had to be at least sixteen to drive them. They girls were real nice. Order three drinks and split two meals. When I brought them there bill it was $30.26. When I collected the bill from the ladies there was a $25 gift card and $5.30. Great there change back is $0.04. Awesome. I brought it back to the ladies and told them to have a wonderful night. 
  The aftermath... I was cleaning the table and grabbed my tip. There was one crinkled dollar bill and, every penny and nickle from all there purses. Thank you for that $1.92! That makes the tip 4.5%. Man my night is going so well.
  Two hours have passed and, the night has slowed down. I am now sweeping my section so I can leave with all my great earnings from the day. As I finish I notice those three girls walking back over in my direction.

  Two of the three girls stay back five feet and the oldest walks up to me. We are so sorry for the tip early. We are young and you still gave us great service. We did not calculate are drinks into our budget. We went to a bank and pulled out money for your tip. Here is an extra $5. Hope you have a good night. 
  Holy-guacamole I have a shocked face on! Stunned I can only reply, Thank you! Have a happy new year. That just made my nigh. My tip is $6.92 on a $30.26 check. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

  There is hope in the world. Hopefully more parents can teach there kids how to tip. Maybe those girls well help there friends. Thank you girls again. Just makes it that much easier to serve the youngsters.

 Your server

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