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Thursday, December 16, 2010

You Crazy Lady!!!

Side Bar- I find it funny when guest think I look like everyone else. Yes we all wear the same outfit. I believe that is what we call a uniform. I look nothing like the other four brunettes I work with. They are gorgeous in there own ways. I wear my ponytail to the side. One has bangs. Another has has long pretty curls. If you took to seconds you could see I don't have a bunch of siblings working with me.

Last weekend my friend had a table of eight she was serving. I was randomly putting in an order to the computer when this lady came over and started yelling at me. "My food is so cold." I told her I am very sorry about that. Then I told her I was not her server so she would have to tell me what she was eating. She saw another server walk up with brunet hair and so she starting yelling at her also. I said mam she is also not your server. At this point she grabbed her plate and
shoved it towards me. "I would like to have hot food!" I asked if she would like me to have them make her a new one or just heat it up? She screeched hysterically " What ever one is faster."

---- Okay I thought about that sentence for all about 3 seconds. Hmm I could put it in the microwave for thirty seconds or, make a whole new dinner which would take twelve minutes. Which one is faster? Gosh such a hard choice for that nice lady at there. Cough Cough.

So thirty-five seconds later I have her real server bring out her dish. The lady turns to my friend and says," I told that other gir
l I wanted a new one." For reals (NO YOU DID NOT). The cardinal rule, Guest are always right. Right?

Another Side Bar- What makes people think they need to scream? I can hear perfectly even my mom could tell you that. Do you think you will get a lot more accomplished if you YELL. If you tell me something is wrong in you INDOOR voice. I will sympathize with you. I will apologize and get you whatever you want. My manager will bend over backwards to make sure your happy and that you come back again and again. Soak it up everyone good is good and bad is bad. Santa is always watching so do the right thing.

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  1. Ah sweetheart, I wouldn't go back to that profession if you paid me triple. God bless you for putting up with what you do. Love you!

  2. Omg. I love you. This is the reason I would NEVER become a server, but you know, if I were you I would've prolly gotten fired. Thank God I am a togo girl!

  3. It's funny that people think that if they yell at you they will have to get their way. It's because they have been throwing tantrums their whole life to get their way and it has worked. If people tried to approach the problem politely first, I'm sure they would find it would be even more efficient.