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Friday, December 17, 2010

We Should Be Chipper for the Hoildays Not Cheaper!

The holidays should be a blissful time. Should be about spending time with friends and family. Catching up and sharing. Going out to eat during this time should be relaxing and fun. One thing is your not cooking. That should make you happy right off the bat. Grin to grin. You know I asked a lot of my tables what they were doing after they eat. Response after response was shopping for Christmas. Exhausted written all over there face. I just recently moved and my money this year is about a pocket full. My Christmas this year will be amazing. My family and friends understand if I bought them or even made them a card I tried. Why can't we all just try and look beyond those expensive toys. 

I work really hard at serving. My biggest rules are trying to connect with my guest. Making sure your soda's have a refill. You food comes out hot and right each time. When your done eating your plates disappear from your table. I make you feel wanted and appreciated for visiting my work. 

Now like I said earlier tonight why go out if you can't afford it. There are a bunch of different ways you can eat with out spending each red cent you earn. I work real hard at what I do and, get upset a flustered when my tip is bad due to lack of your money. Most servers need that tip.

Funny This one table of mine told me tonight, "You were so wonderful. I was once a waitress and, I should know." She left me $5 of a $65 check. Um Thanks. Merry Christmas to you also.

 Not Ho Ho Ho but Shame Shame Shame
One of the guys I worked with today took a party of eight. Let be honest the call it a party so it can be fun. How is treating your server like crap fun? They ran him ragged. They always had a refill. There food came out of time. Eight separate checks. He made $.09 . Yep less than a dime. They only left him that to round up. They also wrote on all the checks the server was horrible. Please tell me how writting that on a check will make anyone feel better. People are awful people. Yes I have had a bad server in life but, at the end of the day I still realize there human. How RUDE. How do you think it made him feel. He spent a lot of time taking care of them. There is a better way to express how you feel. 

Look there is only ONE WEEK LEFT TILL CHRISTMAS!!! 
Enough with the bad attitudes and $2 or $30,$40 checks. Love one another and be happy. Next time you go out to eat enjoy your surroundings. Be merry! When your happy we are happy. When you come  in with that Christmas spirit it just spreads like herpes. Please act like its Christmas. Your servers have been very good this year.  

Will try not to vent like this on here again. Just worked eleven an a half hours on Friday. Wanted to get this off my chest so when I go back to work in less than twelve hours for another double I will be Merry. I will practice what I just preached. I will drink a Christmas inspired drink in the morning. I might even where Christmas socks to work. I will go to work with a smile. Greet every table with a happy holidays.  Welcome you into my work like a long lost friends. Just come see me with a smile. Tomorrow is here. May today be a wonderful day!

YOUR Very Good Server,

 Hope you get to spend it with love ones. 


  1. It would be awesome if restaurants instituted the automatic 18% tip, so servers did not get screwed.

    Even when our service is not perfect we never tip less than 18%. And I always clean up after my kids even if that means I am on the floor with a napkin trying to get each piece dropped.

  2. I remember you giving Kaleb a wet cloth from your bag and making him clean the table. You are an exceptional mom and sister. Love ya!

  3. A yes, we all know how it goes to be seen as a mere servant than a server. I still maintain that when these people die they will have to be servers to people who treat them as they did their servers.